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Staff Senate

Staff Star Archives

2009-2010 Academic Year

Serena Raleigh, Facilities Operations
I would like to nominate Serena Raleigh for a Senate Staff Star because of her commitment to job excellence. Serena always makes sure our trash is clean, the office is dusted, and she is always friendly and quick to accommodate any special needs, such as cleaning the carpet or emptying the shredder. She also regularly checks with us to see if we need anything from her. Serena always seems to be willing to go the extra mile, even when it's our fault (such as letting us in the office when we've forgotten our key!). She has a great personality and is dedicated to her job, which is a true statement of her work ethic considering the economic times.
View a photo of Serena receiving her staff star.
Jeffrey Collis, Registrar's Office
Jeffrey is one of those guys that you can go to with any problem and he will find you a solution, even if it is outside his job description. He is always friendly and helpful and if he cannot help you he will be honest and refer you to who may be able to. I have seen many students, faculty and staff come to Jeffrey for assistance and he always is very pleasant and willing to help in anyway he can. Besides being a most caring individual, he is a genuine asset to the Registrar's office and I am glad to know he is here to help with Banner and other computer and reporting issues that come up!
View a photo of Jeffrey receiving his staff star.
Delight Morehead, Chemistry/Biochemistry
Over the past 4 years, working with Delight Morehead has been an absolute joy. Not only is she dependable, but very knowledgeable about her work. In addition to handling all the undergraduate and graduate student appointments and payroll, she also takes care of our every changing website. She never complains about the workload, which increases daily, and always walks in with a smile on her face. She is truly a delight to work with!

Delight Morehead deserves this award for her dedication to the department and her co-workers.
View a photo of Delight receiving her staff star.
Cameron Wilkin and Kevin McClain, Student Affairs
For years the university has struggled with the development of a vibrant campus calendar. Through his work on the Web Oversight Committee Kevin McClain developed a unique "mash-up page"; that will allow all UNCG users to build and maintain a personalized calendar. With the entire campus transferring to I-Spartan by the end of 2010 all units will have the ability to have a calendar on the UNCG calendar page. Through the "mash-up"; users will then be able to pick and choose the calendars they want access to.

While Kevin thought of the idea it was Cameron who would develop the "mash-up" program. They are both worthy of being named Staff Stars!
View a photo of Kevin receiving his staff star.
View a photo of Cameron receiving his staff star.
Angela White, Student Health Center
Angela White is the face of the Counseling and Testing Center. We rely on her in so many ways - to be organized, efficient, able to do 17 things at once. She does this while greeting and responding to our students and making sure they get the care they need. She approaches work with a sense of humor, good nature and practicality that make it more pleasant to come to work! Angela has plenty on her plate outside of UNCG (attending school and parenting to name two) but you would never know she had any outside pressures - she leaves those at the door and looks out for all of us! She is a staff star!
View a photo of Angela receiving her staff star.
Jessie Humes, Student Health Center
Jessie has been with the Counseling and Testing Center for a year in a newly created case manager position. She has provided excellent service to our staff and students while carving out her role in a new position - one in which everyone has had very high expectations! She investigates resources and seems to pull amazing options for students out of a hat!!! She has worked more than her share of late nights - to go the extra mile for our students - always in an upbeat, professional manner. She has been a very positive addition to our department and it is a pleasure to work with her!
View a photo of Jessie receiving her staff star.
Michelle Stanley, Student Health Services
Michelle is a very organized and dedicated person. I worked under Michelle as a student worker, and always found her caring and understanding. She does what needs to be done, including taking on tasks to help out others when there is a need. She is willing to take time out of her very busy day to celebrate her colleague's birthdays (she never forgets her student worker's birthday). She has lots of patience and good sense of humor. Michelle always wanted to give the best to people around her. She had volunteered in so many campus activities, for example, she appeared to be an extraordinary example of a committed and reliable volunteer during swine flu vaccinations. Student Health Services provided H1N1 vaccines to thousands of students, faculty and staff- Michelle was part of that team every single time. I believe Michelle is an asset to her department and to the university, and should be awarded star staff.
View a photo of Michelle receiving her staff star.
Robert Reid, Facilities Operations
Robert goes above and beyond in keeping Sullivan Science Building looking good.
View a photo of Robert receiving his staff star.
Raymond Montgomery, Facilities Operations
Raymond is always willing to help out his fellow employees, even when he doesn't necessarily have to. I have been dispatched to a call more than once and had Raymond call me before I could get there and say that he had already taken care of the problem.
View a photo of Raymond receiving his staff star.
Rachel Agner, HES Dean's Office
Have you ever felt a smile over the phone? Try calling Rachel. She is so very helpful to all, especially Administrative Assistants in HES departments. And always with a smile. Call or email Rachel with a question and she will happily get you an answer. If she doesn't know, you can be sure she will go the extra mile to find out without complaining. Her smile, dedication, can do spirit and all-around helpfulness is greatly appreciated and deserving of a staff star. Rachel, glad you are with us in HES.
View a photo of Rachel receiving her staff star.
Melvalyn Pate, International Honors College
Melvalyn has been absolutely awesome! I had the pleasure of witnessing her at her best as I served on the 5.3 Committee (international programs). Melvalyn was wonderful at keeping everyone on track, taking copious notes, ordering scrumptious lunches, managing 10 busy schedules, providing copies, and above all, doing it with grace and a smile. Melvalyn is part of what makes UNCG a great place to work. To know that there are people like her who put their all into their work is inspiring, and worthy of commendation. Thank you, Melvalyn, for your tremendous effort on the 5.3 Committee. You're awesome!
View a photo of Melvalyn receiving her staff star.
Jennifer Lester, Graduate School
Jennifer is a thoughtful, considerate and supportive colleague. She is always available to help in any capacity, regardless if within her job description. Especially recently, she has definitely risen above expectations by assuming numerous extra responsibilities. Not only is she willing and capable, she accepts the extra work graciously. The Graduate School is very fortunate to have Jennifer, a conscientious, hard-working and committed staff member.
View a photo of Jennifer receiving her staff star.
George Rivera, Facilities Operations
George goes above and beyond in keeping Sullivan Science Building looking good.
Cynthia Louis, Facilities Operations
Cynthia does an outstanding job with her record keeping and payroll. She assists with Department socials. She has been appointed to University employee Relations Committee. She assists other employees with their problems and has a positive attitude concerning the campus community. She is an employee the University should be proud of. Cynthia deserves a staff star.
View a photo of Cynthia receiving her staff star.
Al Briscoe, College of Arts and Sciences
Al Briscoe, Jr goes above and beyond the call of duty in his job. His job is to design web-based instruction for faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences but he is often engaging in other tasks that support faculty and staff in the College. He is a great collaborator and learner-centric and strives to become a better professional through professional development activities that he often supports from out of his own pocket. Al well deserves to be a staff star.
View a photo of Al receiving his staff star.
Tomi Register, School of Education
Tomi Register is the School of Education Dean's secretary. She has recently broken her foot, this after her husband had an accident and severely injured his back and had to be rehabilitated. Tomi comes in when she can with a "boot" and cane. She is always helpful, and has the best sense of humor about her injury. She is a dedicated employee and deserves to be recognized for her 30 years of service to the university.
View a photo of Tomi receiving her staff star.
Maggie Coleman, Facilities Operations
I write to draw attention to Maggie Coleman for her consistently excellent work & jovial attitude. Since Maggie began working in Forney, she has been nothing short of great. The building is clean at all times, and looks as if no one has been in it!. On the occasions when I arrive early, Maggie is already hard at work, and greets me with a warm smile. I appreciate her great work, and want her to be recognized for contributing to a pleasant working environment in Forney. Thanks, Maggie!
View a photo of Maggie receiving her staff star.
Cat Collins, Graduate School
Cat does so much for the Graduate School. Without her, many things would not get done. She does many tasks that others take for granted. She is such a wonderful part of the team. Thanks for all you do, Cat!
View a photo of Cat receiving her staff star.
John Comer, Intercollegiate Athletics
I have had the pleasure to work with John since my first year at UNCG ('05). Most of my contact has been as a staff sports pass holder. He is always positive, helpful and willing to go the extra mile to accommodate requests and to promote the UNCG athletic programs.
Recently our department (Counseling and Testing Center) asked John for assistance with a student event and he went the extra mile (once again) to assist us.
UNCG is truly fortunate to have John as the face of UNCG athletics.
View a photo of John receiving his staff star.
Janet Elmore, Facilities Operations
Janet is one of the folks in the background that helps make the work of others go more smoothly. She helps to make sure that a customer's work request is handled as fast and efficiently as possible.
View a photo of Janet receiving her staff star.
Brian Fitzgerald, Systems and Procedures
I nominate Brian for a Staff Star for a number of reasons. 1. He always puts the needs of others first, even when it's something not generally in his ''job duties'', 2. He never says "no" - instead he says "let me look into that for you" or "let's try this or that" - and 9 times out of 10 he accomplishes the task. The other 1 time, he's gone the extra mile and referred you to someone who CAN help you, and 3. He always has a smile and a positive attitude! We need more Brian's in this world!
View a photo of Brian receiving his staff star.
Erick Gardner,Facilities Operations
Erick goes above and beyond his daily duties providing support to everyone in Facility Services. You always know you can count on Erick to follow-up on any request whether it is administrative support for the department or ordering and distributing supplies for housekeeping. He is always available and willing to help wherever necessary AND he always does so with a friendly and positive attitude. Erick is most definitely a large part of the reason Facility Services runs so smoothly AND IS MOST CERTAINLY A STAFF STAR.
View a photo of Erick receiving his staff star.
Anthony Gregory, Parking Services
Anthony assisted me greatly as I mined through 15 notebooks looking for the origins of a Staff Senate award. Anthony met me at Oakland Deck, let me into the storage area, and unlocked the cabinet. That's when he went above what his supervisor requested he do. Anthony offered me his personal break space, replete with a chair and heater, which was wonderful considering the cold temperatures in the deck. He pointed out the restroom, and told me to let him know if I needed anything else. I had t return later in the day to find more information, and Anthony once again let me into the storage area. He helped me with the notebooks, and actually flipped through one of them helping me find what I needed. Anthony's willingness to go beyond what he was asked to do is a great testament to the caliber of staff we have working at UNCG.
Thanks, Anthony, for a job-plus well done!
View a photo of Anthony receiving his staff star.
Amanda Hughes, School of Music
Amanda is truly an exemplary employee. One of her responsibilities involves assisting with running the auditions. Over the past month, weather has played a role in our auditions for prospective that we have had closures on days that we really needed to be at work. Amanda came in on closure days to work with the Dean and Director of Undergraduate Advising to be sure that everything was ready to go for our auditions. She works tirelessly on audition days - coming in sometimes at 5 am - to get things set for the day. She goes above and beyond the call of duty and is one of the most dependable, professional and hard working individuals that I know. She is a joy to work with. And I'm delighted that she is one of the faces of the School of Music administrative team.
View a photo of Amanda receiving her staff star.
Ed Keller, Housing & Residence Life
Imagine this. You are the associate director for facility operations for housing and residence life and the director, associate director for residence life, and a majority of the rest of the residence life staff are gone on conference, and you get a call. Tuberculosis. What do you do? You're facilities! This isn't a pipe breaking or not heat or water in a building...this is residence life stuff. Ed Keller has done a wonderful job working with Dr. Tresa Saxton and the rest of the health team as well as working with Megan Delph, Coordinator for Phillips/Hawkins residence hall in making sure that Megan knows what is going on and what she should be doing in contacting students and making sure they all get tested and then read etc. Ed really stepped up to the plate when no one else was around due to conference season!
View a photo of Ed receiving his staff star.
Angie Moore, Graduate School
Angie is a great worker. She works tirelessly to ensure that her job is done to the best of her ability. She is very thorough in the processing of Graduate Admissions Applications and has been essential to working out the kinks with our new application system, ApplyYourself. Thanks for all you do!
View a photo of Angie receiving her staff star.
Brenda Neal, Registrar's Office
Brenda is always one to speak to you. She's always helping students as best she can and when she doesn't know she'll find out someone who does know. Brenda is an example to us all!
View a photo of Brenda receiving her staff star.
John Pearce, Facilities Operations
I would like to nominate John Pearce for the Star Award because of his continued dedication to UNCGreensboro. I worked closely with John as his supervisor when I first arrived here on Campus some 15 years ago and presently still work close enough to feel and witness the impact his work ethics has on the Facilities Operations Department. During our past winter weather events John has somewhat single handily rallied and motivated the Facilities Service essential employees from the night and day shifts to work in doing whatever was necessary to help make the campus safe for students, faculty, and staff. Weekends, nights, days, anytime. I have never known John not to respond positively to an emergency situation. He is truly an asset to the University.
View a photo of John receiving his staff star.
Gail Peeples, Facilities Operations
Gail is one of the folks in the background that helps make the work of others go more smoothly. She helps to make sure that a customer's work request is handled as fast and efficiently as possible.
View a photo of Gail receiving her staff star.
David Rogers, Housing & Residence Life
David does so much outside of his job description for both the students of Mary Foust hall and UNCG. He is an active participant in the Women and Gender Studies Programming Committee, the All-Freshmen Read Program, and the Warren Ashby Residential College. David makes himself available to the student sin his hall, above and beyond what is expected of his position, and far more than what has been standard. He created a new course for underclassmen students on masculinity studies so that young men and women could learn more about themselves and male identity. He brings new ideas to encourage student learning outside of the classroom. David is a true resource to UNCG and a valuable member of the student affairs family.
View a photo of David receiving his staff star.
Libby Sexton, Registrar's Office
I met Libby a number of years ago when I was researching the University for room availability to accommodate large attended meetings, pre-bids and bid openings for the Facilities Design and Construction department. Our contacts are mainly by email; on a number of occasions we have talked over the telephone. Libby handles my requests very efficiently, friendly, accurately, timely and professionally. Libby explained the online room reservation process to me in very detailed form. She follow up with written instructions. This is going above and beyond. During our department's staff meetings, sometimes questions arise from the design or construction project manager regarding who to contact in a particular building. I always recommend calling Libby that maybe she will know or she will know who we can contact to retrieve the information. About 99.9% of the time, Libby knows the answer, and if she does not know the answer, she is very honest and up-front and let's us know. More recently, I was at the YMCA and someone learned that I worked at UNCG. The mom wanted to know who she could contact about getting in touch w/ someone to tutor her daughter who is a senior. Not being totally familiar with the academic area, I gave her Libby's name. I learned the following day, Libby talked with this woman and was able to provide her with information. The mom was most appreciative .Libby definitely exhibits outstanding customer service to customers internally and externally to the University - that warrants a nomination for the Staff Senate Star Award.
View a photo of Libby receiving her staff star.
Kevin McClain, Student Affairs
Kevin McClain showed his concern for UNCG today when he alerted me that the Chancellor's video message to the campus was not ADA compliant. Rather than just telling me about the problem, he offered to solve it. Kevin spent a good portion of his day transcribing the Chancellor's message, coding it to work with an accessible video player, and working with colleagues to get the video re-posted. Instead of ripping into me about the inaccessibility, Kevin stayed pleasant and fixed it. That's Kevin McClain for you. A genuine person, hard worker, and all around good guy!
Geng Puig, Facilities Operations - Grounds
Geng is one of the hardest working people on campus. His work helps keep the campus beautiful for us all to enjoy and also keeps campus roads and sidewalks safe. During the warmer months his work is obvious, it is very much appreciated. However during the winter months his work is less noticeable but I would argue to be more important. While most people were finding ways to take vacation or burn the hours of their last day at work until the holiday break Geng was here early making sure the campus was safe for everyone. No one mentions how nice it is to have cleared roads and sidewalks around campus when we have a winter weather event but many are quick to point out any short comings of these efforts. I want to let Geng know how much I appreciate all he does during the cold mornings to ready this campus for staff like me. On the last day of work, 12/23/09, early in the morning around 6am my waste hauling contractor got stuck behind the Music Building. His heavy truck does not do well on inclines when there are icy conditions. His truck was sliding towards the exterior wall of the Music Building and Geng Puig saw the predicament he was in. Without hesitation Geng got his shovel and sand and worked hard to clear the slippery ice and give the truck traction to get out. My contractor was extremely grateful and let me know about his Geng's efforts as soon as I arrived at work. The OWRR and its contractor, Waste Industries, owe Geng a debt of gratitude for his above and beyond assistance. Thanks so much Geng!
View a photo of Geng receiving his staff star.
Sandy Rogerson, Business Services
Sandy quickly and pleasantly assisted the Staff Senate with getting the chancellor's video message posted to the Business Services website. Though she had other work going on at the time, she gladly assisted us. I appreciate her assistance, and attitude.
View a photo of Sandy receiving her staff star.
Robert Walker, Business Services
Robert stepped outside his normal duties to assist the Staff Senate with posting the Chancellor's video message. Robert was given his task, and did it quickly...twice! Once the video was posted, it was brought to my attention that it was not accessible. To assist with making the video ADA compliant, Robert had to put the video in a player that allowed for transcription. He did the work quickly and without complaining. I appreciate his service to the Senate, and his help with getting the Chancellor's inaugural video posted to the website.
View a photo of Robert receiving his staff star.
Diane Levine, Office of Development
Diane played an essential role in making the 2009 UNCG Business Summit a success. She was responsible for the logistical arrangements for the event, all of which she handled flawlessly, with good humor and grace. This event came at a time in which Diane was handling additional duties to the reduction of our staff due to budget cuts. She is a great colleague and a very effective member of the Development Office team. This nomination is submitted by David Arneke and Diane Picciuto.
View a photo of Diane receiving her staff star.
Carole Lindsey-Potter, Women's and Gender Studies
Since I started at UNCG three years ago, Carole has always been willing to help me learn the ropes, explain how to do things at UNCG, and been my back-up person. When you're the only staff person in a department of faculty and you're all alone in a hallway, it's good to have a go-to person and Carole has always been friendly, helpful and instructive. She knows a lot about the university, its policies and practices, has a lot of technical knowledge, and extensive computer skills. I pick her brain often and she never seems to mind. Just recently, she spent a lot of time helping me understand Access and setting up a program I can use for our faculty search. Thank goodness for Carole!
View a photo of Carole receiving her staff star.
Venus Pinnix, Counseling and Educational Development
Venus is a star employee who so consistently goes beyond what is expected that it is difficulty to narrow this to one thing. For example, she takes Departmental work home with her if something needs to be done in short order, she shops for Department functions in her off time, she creates cards, banners and other such items at home to do something kind for others, she bakes and brings food into the department, she makes CD's of music for faculty just to be nice, she uses her lunch-hour to run Department errands, and on and on it goes. She is the best Administrative support staff I have worked with, ever. I hope she never retires :)
View a photo of Venus receiving her staff star.
Katie Sales, Housekeeping
I come in every morning to the humming and laughs of Ms. Katie Sales. I always expect to see Katie throw up her hand and greet me with Good Morning, Miss Libby, with a smile going from ear to ear. Katie has been keeping the Mossman Building shined and polished for many years. She is very conscientious and takes great pride in her work. Any time something happens and needs her attention, Katie is always ready and willing to help in any way she can. Katie's attitude and dedication to UNCG and especially the Mossman Building are the reasons I am nominating her for a staff star.
View a photo of Katie receiving her staff star.
Pat Taylor,The Graduate School
Pat deals with a wide variety of people and issues on a daily basis while working in the Front Office of The Graduate School. She is patient and kind to each person, regardless of their own demeanor. She is such a joy to work with on a daily basis and is always available to answer questions, give advice, or brainstorm with colleagues. I appreciate Pat's guidance and friendship, and truly believe she is very deserving of recognition.
View a photo of Pat receiving her staff star.
Dana Banker, Financial Aid
Due to staff vacancies for maternity leave during the busiest time of the year for the Financial Aid Office, many staff members assumed additional and new duties to help keep the office running smoothly. Dana came to work in our area and it was as if she had been there for years and years. It was a seamless transition. Not only did Dana keep the area afloat with her work, but she added value by making suggestions for some changes and helping us to implement said changes. At the same time as working in our area of the office, she still helped to cover the front desk for walk-in traffic and the phone for calls from frantic students and parents. Dana did this all with a smile on her face!
Thanks Dana!
View a photo of Dana receiving her staff star.
Sarah Cottrell, Facilities Services Alumni House
Sarah has shown dynamite customer service, and all-around helpfulness to University guests and staff members, as evidenced by the following commendations sent to Julie Landen, Alumni House Coordinator:
"Julie, I wanted to send a quick email--- everything was absolutely amazing last night. Our party at the alumni house surpassed all of our expectations!! Sarah was fantastic, too! We couldn't have done it without her!!! (Elizabeth Talley, Wedding Reception 10/03/09)
"Julie, thank you so much for your help in planning our event. Sarah was great and made it so easy for our event to take place and run smoothly in the house. We look forward to working with both of you again soon." (Lynn, UNCG Employee)
View a photo of Sarah receiving her staff star.
Rick Dunning, POCAM / Parking Services
Rick coordinates UNCG's Motorist Assistance Patrol program. One day in September he encountered a woman and her infant needing help because their car keys had been lost. Rick offered the use of his cell phone and invited them into the parking office to stay warm and dry (it was raining outside) while they waited for another key. Today the office received a thank you note from the woman expressing her appreciation and gratitude for his kindness, and for the assistance she received from several other parking personnel.
View a photo of Rick receiving his staff star.
Deb Hurley, Registrar's Office
When Deb Hurley found out the School of Nursing could no longer sponsor the University-wide blood drive held four times a year, she got to work right away forming a partnership with the Office of Leadership and Service Learning. Because of her years of experience on this campus, she was able to secure the support of the Barnes and Nobles Campus Bookstore to cover the room rental and canteen costs. She enlisted the assistance of a fellow co-worker, Libby Sexton, and together they shopped for the snacks needed for the canteen, but it was Deb who initially footed the bill to make sure everything ran smoothly. She asked for volunteers from the Enrollment Services Division and set up the schedule, filling in where needed if a volunteer was not available. She was very committed to this cause and even gave blood herself! She is a very caring individual who wanted a long standing tradition to continue and should be commended for her efforts. Without her help, we would no longer have a blood drive at UNCG. Thanks Deb!
View a photo of Deb receiving her staff star.
Gina Ingraham, Financial Aid
I work in the Dean's Office in the Bryan school but I have the pleasure of working with Gina Ingraham in Financial Aid every year from March through October on Bryan School Scholarships. During those months, I am in constant contact with Gina either via phone or email. I cannot tell you the number of emails that I bombard her with on a daily basis at times as I ask her assistance on a variety of things regarding students. I'm sure I average sending her about 10-15 emails a day sometimes and I must drive her absolutely crazy. Gina always answers my emails (and phone calls) so quickly, cheerfully, and courteously. Even when I know she is probably swamped during her own busy time of year, she never fails to answer my questions or research information that I need. UNCG is so fortunate to have an employee like Gina that truly exemplifies what a team player and model employee is all about. Thank you Gina for all you do to assist the Bryan School, our students, and myself.
View a photo of Gina receiving her staff star.
Julie Landen, University Advancement
Julie has been an absolute pleasure to work with since she assumed her new position as Alumni House Coordinator. She has worked with me tirelessly & smilingly to ensure the Virginia Dare room is properly setup for our Staff Senate meetings. If mistakes are made, Julie quickly takes it upon herself to make corrections without throwing anyone under the bus.
I have never caught Julie in a moment when she wasn't cheerful and helpful, and probably never will! Her perpetual joy is an amazing feat considering the high-profile and pressurized events that are commonly held in the Alumni House.
Julie has stepped into her role with grace, and I''m happy that I have the opportunity to see her regularly. Thanks, Julie!
View a photo of Julie receiving her staff star.
Maria Lopez, Facility Operations Gatewood Building
I would like to nominate Maria Lopez to receive a Staff Star award. Maria is a housekeeper for the Gatewood Studio Arts Building ( third floor). This has got to be one of the messiest locations on campus, with all the artistic clutter from our Architecture students. In addition to keeping up with this large area, Maria went out of her way to secure all of the electrical covers that were being kicked loose from the floor of that area. At the end of the school year, she worked with Perez to clean out and fix all the outlets, replacing the covers. This was an important safety measure for our students, and saved us from purchasing new covers. She was proactive and thoughtful in doing this service! Kate Pike/ IAR
View a photo of Maria receiving her staff star.
Genero Perez, Facility Operations
Perez is the best housekeeper we have ever had. Anytime there is a special event (Advisory Board meeting, Sustainability meeting, etc) in 401 Gatewood, he will clean the room spotless and help move 50 chairs and many tables to set up the room for our guests. He is always willing to help our department in special needs like the major cleanup of our student studio areas at the end of the year. A huge job over and above their daily housekeeping. He deserves a staff star.
View a photo of Genero receiving his staff star.
Preston Yarborough, OLSL
Preston is always going out of his way for students. Although he spends much of his time behind the scenes, Preston is a chief advocate of the student body and is continually working to make sure that every student has an opportunity to succeed. I have had the privilege of working with Preston on many occasions and in several capacities. As a professor, mentor, leadership trainer, and administrator, Preston is the epitome of sound leadership and compassion. While working on his doctorate, Preston placed the needs of his own aside to make sure that his work remain dedicated to students first and foremost. It is through the work of Preston, and leaders like him, that UNCG remain a great university to attend. It is an honor to recommend him.
View a photo of Preston receiving his staff star.
Allyn Cabral, Parking Operations and Campus Access Management
Allyn is a recent hire and his primary responsibility is to drive the daytime Spartan Chariot route. In the few weeks he has been employed on campus, he has stood out as one of our finest drivers. All our drivers are good, but Allyn is exceptional! He is uncommonly courteous, professional, and caring towards his passengers. He arrives to work early each day, follows the route as planned, and stays on schedule with ease. And his daily reports (passenger count sheets and mileage logs) are very neat and easy to read, and always turned in on time. A colleague rode Allyn's bus earlier this week and told me how helpful he was to students, answering their questions and sharing information with them. He is a model bus driver and UNCG is quite fortunate to have him!
View a photo of Allyn receiving his staff star.
Dean Perdue, Facilities Operations
Dean was leaving Mossman building and saw a blind student having difficulty, going in circles with her cane. He stopped his truck and helped her to the corner so she could get find her way.Several students passed by but did not offer to help. This was witnessed by a couple of employees in Mossman who feel he certainly deserves a star.
Lisa Janvari-Cox, Romance Languages
The first week of class is always an extremely hectic time for staff, especially those in the departments. Lisa went above and beyond to assist several faculty members with some classroom difficulties. The campus is packed for the fall semesters and to make changes in a classroom assignment is almost impossible. Lisa was able to make things work for her faculty. Thanks Lisa for all you do.
View a photo of Lisa receiving her staff star.
Ralph Farmer, Facility Services Housekeeping
When the topic of Staff Stars came up at a recent staff meeting, it was unanimous that Ralph be chosen to receive this award. He is without question kind, helpful, and considerate not only to the entire Weatherspoon staff, but to all who utilize the museum. Even more inspiring is his positive attitude and ever willing desire to help, whether it's an early morning floor washing or a late night special event.
View a photo of Ralph receiving his staff star.
Gwenne Causey, Human Resources
I have been a participant in many of the classes sponsored by HR and since coming onboard, Gwenne has always been very good about coordinating class registrations and schedule changes. She is very pleasant to work with and seems to have a commitment to doing things "right". I look forward to our continuing working relationship.
View a photo of Gwenne receiving her staff star.
James Eagle, Information Technology Services
"And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two." (Matthew 5:41)
I thought the above line very fitting to describe James'' amazing actions on Thursday, 9/9.
I had to get a bulky and somewhat heavy LCD projector and screen from Forney to the Weil-Winfield Residence Hall for a Staff Senate meeting -- while wearing a suit and tie. Not wanting to get wrinkled or sweaty, I asked James if I could borrow a golf cart from his unit's fleet of motorized vehicles. James told me that the screen would not fit in the golf cart, but that I could take one of his vans. Before I could agree to taking a van, James volunteered to drive me to Weil-Winfield, and carried the projector to the van for me.
View a photo of James receiving his staff star.
Jonathan Britton, Graduate School
Jonathan has been superlative at renovating the Staff Senate site. He has completely reconfigured what was there, and made it more appealing and functional. When I have made requests for changes, Jonathan has always gotten the job done on time while making it look good. His easy-going personality and attention to detail make him a great webmaster for the Senate, and an excellent member of our Communications team. Thanks, Jonathan, for a job well done!
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Debbie Biles, Chemistry & Biochemistry
I would like to nominate Debra "Debbie" Biles, for a Staff Star. Debbie is the Business Officer, & my co-worker in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department. She and I started in this department at the same time, and Debbie has definitely proven to be a star employee. If we were talking in terms of Gems: She''d be a diamond. Not only does Debbie go the extra mile she goes in gladness. She enjoys the fact that she can lighten another persons work load, by extending her helping hand. She strives for Excellence and she is one of many that contribute to the flow and function of the Chemistry & Biochemistry department, keeping it running as a well oiled machine. Her entire focus is how she can contribute, in making the department run smoother & lighten the load of those around her. Her duties include that of: Administrative Assistant to the Department head of Chemistry & Biochemistry, managing the daily operation of the office, which entails a list of duties, but the main task is maintaining the budget for the department. Thank You for considering her a staff-star!
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John Pope, Facilities Design & Construction
For nearly three hours on Wednesday, August 5th, John accompanied me as we toured the entire campus in 90-degree heat. Our goal was to find the optimal locations for ITS wireless signs that will debut in a few weeks. I want to laud John for his professionalism, friendliness, insight, advice, and general assistance throughout the whole process. Though our meeting was scheduled to be in the air-conditioned Gray House, it quickly turned into a sweat-fest as we walked from location to location. John graciously put his other work and projects on hold so that I could meet a new deadline that had been created for me. Additionally, John submitted drawings for a new sign design to a vendor I had been working with, which helped me get quotes back sooner.
John has been at UNCG for 12 years, and showcases the pride and helpfulness that UNCG staff members bring to work each day. He is to be commended for his service to FDC, ITS, and UNCG in general.
Kudos, John!
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Gretchen Pugh, Career Services
Gretchen has been a big supporter of Staff Senate. She willingly gives of her time and talent by taking pictures at our events. I've never heard her complain or gripe about it, and she always does a stellar job. I appreciate Gretchen''s teamwork attitude, and am thankful for the way she has pitched in to assist Staff Senate!
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Arlene Westmoreland, Business Affairs/Facilities Operations
Arlene works hard supporting the work of the Maintenance Technicians in Facilities Operations by dispatching calls, processing work request and recently working to improve their customer service skills through increased training and monitoring of this job function. I think her role in our success isn't fully appreciated.
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Lisa Dolan-O'Brien, Business & Economics Student Services
On April 6, 2009 two employees from the Bryan School Undergraduate Student Services offices, Philip Simpson and Lisa Dolan-O'Brien, assisted a student who was having a medical emergency in the classroom across the hall from their office. Lisa was on the phone with 911 giving Philip directions as he administered CPR until the emergency medical personnel arrived. But it did not end there. Both of these employees went to the hospital later that day to check on the student. They gathered information about what occurred for hospital medical personnel, as well as the student's family. Philip and Lisa continued to check on the student while he was recuperating. Following his release from the hospital, the student and his family came to the Bryan School to thank Philip and Lisa. The kindness and caring that was extended to this family during this difficult time, is a great example of what "Staff Stars" is all about. Thank you Philip and Lisa for representing the Bryan School and UNCG in such a positive way.
Philip Simpson, Business & Economics Student Services
On April 6, 2009 two employees from the Bryan School Undergraduate Student Services offices, Philip Simpson and Lisa Dolan-O'Brien, assisted a student who was having a medical emergency in the classroom across the hall from their office. Lisa was on the phone with 911 giving Philip directions as he administered CPR until the emergency medical personnel arrived. But it did not end there. Both of these employees went to the hospital later that day to check on the student. They gathered information about what occurred for hospital medical personnel, as well as the student's family. Philip and Lisa continued to check on the student while he was recuperating. Following his release from the hospital, the student and his family came to the Bryan School to thank Philip and Lisa. The kindness and caring that was extended to this family during this difficult time, is a great example of what "Staff Stars" is all about. Thank you Philip and Lisa for representing the Bryan School and UNCG in such a positive way.
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Robert Simpson, Facilities Services
Robert is very thorough in his work. He is always smiling and pleasant with the other faculty, staff and students. He always keeps me aware of any maintenance issues he might notice in his area.
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Keith Ward, Information Technology Services
Keith came to the rescue today. When a student accidentally deleted several network folders losing several years worth of work, data, forms and annual report information we were all in a panic. Luckily Keith found the backup files and restored all the work. Words cannot express just how grateful we are that he came to our rescue.