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Search for a successor teaser image Search for a successor

The search for the new chancellor is under way. Within a month of Chancellor Sullivan's retirement announcement, a search committee was pulled together to begin the process of finding her successor.

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Only a Test teaser image Only a test

When the shooting started on a Monday morning at UNCG, the scene turned scary and chaotic, even though it was only simulated.

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Uncommon grounds teaser imageUncommon grounds

The west lawn in front of Elliott University Center is getting an extreme makeover thanks to a gift by Randall Kaplan, a member of the UNCG Board of Trustees, and his wife, Kathy Manning, an attorney.

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Ring in the old teaser image Ring in the old

To the untrained eye, the tree isn't very impressive. Standing in a grove of longleaf pines in Weymouth Woods Sand Hills Nature Preserve near Southern Pines, this specimen seems just like any other. But a look inside this Pinus palustris, North Carolina's state tree, revealed a secret that could give the tree a place in history.

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Talking it up

“The President and I were watching it together. The President turned around and said to me ‘I think we'd better make that speech tonight.’ What speech? I had no speech.”

JFK advisor and speechwriter Ted Sorenson, referring to the day Gov. George Wallace stepped aside and African-American students enrolled at the University of Alabama. Sorenson spoke on campus Oct. 29.

“I'm intrigued by what it means to have a scientific response to chaos.”

Anthropology professor Dr. Sarah Wagner on the use of DNA analysis methods developed to identify remains of more than 8,000 Muslim males killed by Bosnian Serb and Serb forces in Bosnia-Herzegovina

“This concert was chiefly memorable because in one number Nell (Carter) descended from the stage, plucked me from the audience, clasped me to her ample bosoms and sang to me.”

Dr. Robert Hansen recalling a UCLS show featuring Nell Carter in 1998

“We flew on one of those small regional jets… It had to be comical for other passengers to watch us one after another hit our heads on the plane entry way as we boarded the plane.“

From basketball big man Kyle Hines' blog during the basketball season

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The evolution of a biologist

In her first month on the job, Chancellor Sullivan sat down with a Carolinian reporter and let people know a little bit about herself.

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