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Spartan Guides The grand tour

“Who's that big man?” When you're a Spartan Guide — one of the select group of students who give campus tours year-round — you receive all sorts of questions.

Colbert book cover photoAnd that's the way it is

Thirty years ago, a quarter of the American population gathered around their televisions nightly to hear an anchor from one of the major networks recount the day's events. Today, that single voice of authority has been diluted. People gather news from many sources — even shows created to mock the news. Dr. Geoffrey Baym, an associate professor of media studies, explains that transformation in his new book, “From Cronkite to Colbert: The Evolution of Broadcast News.”

Talking it up

“This was a time of great discovery (man on the moon, the Vietnam war, civil rights and integration, etc.). We were all very young and wanted to be heard. The music was one of our voices.”

Dr. Allan Goldfarb, professor of exercise and sport science, talking about being at Woodstock in 1969

“There's never been a society without poetry.”

Professor emeritus Fred Chappell in the Sept. 20 News & Record

“Frankly, I don't see why anybody would have a car here. There's the HEAT bus, you can ride your bike almost anywhere and you can take the city buses too, which are really good. Who needs a car?”

Freshman Emily Wheaton, in a News & Record article about the decrease in demand for parking permits

“The Greensboro Coliseum is definitely a place any player would want to play in. That's one of the reasons I chose UNCG — because I know they had a difficult season and I wanted to help bring a little basketball fun back to the city.”

Point guard Kyle Randall, when he signed in April

old news title image


The thrill of victory

It was the third national title in a row. And the victorious Spartans spread the word far and wide, as is evidenced by this article from the Dec. 3, 1987, Carolinian, headlined ‘Student Informs Thatcher.’ Seems even the Iron Lady's personal secretary was rooting for UNCG. Needless to say, the mood on campus was bloody jolly that week!

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