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Editor's note: Our letters this time referenced two marvelous makeovers on campus — Aycock Auditorium and the Alumni House. It just goes to show, lasting memories can be made at any time.

In October 1935, at Founders Day services, my Class of 1939 was seated in the top balcony of Aycock Auditorium. Dr. Walter Clinton Jackson — wonderful by any title — then called Dean of Administration, presided.

Early in the exercises, a venerable professor of English, called Dean Smith (a title from some earlier position) was on the program. In his somber reverent tones Dean Smith read the names and dates of graduates who had died in the past year. If we had a program with “Necrology” listed, as we well may have, its meaning escaped us. We knew only that a fine professor had spoken. It seemed to us freshmen a time for appreciative applause. And applaud we did, long and vigorously. Nor did we understand the horrified looks of the officials on stage.

Our enthusiastic outburst was well-meant, demonstrating to all how much we had to learn.

Maxine Garner ‘39

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I got married to the love of my life at the newly renovated Alumni House on the evening of Friday, Oct. 17, 2008, in a beautiful candlelight ceremony, surrounded by our friends and family.

We joked that the Alumni House was renovated just for us. It really is a beautiful space!

Katie Brown ‘96

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