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August 2007

Return of the natives

Ahhh, August. The sun beats down, the asphalt shimmers and cars loaded down with boxes begin to arrive on campus. Nothing says the start of the academic year like the flood of returning students. So what can campus expect with this sudden rise in people? Check out some of the numbers.

Students will begin moving in Wednesday, August 15.

Students will begin moving in Wednesday, Aug. 15.

Fall zest. Fall best. Fall quest. See it all fest.

Are you ready? FallFestUNCG's homecoming extravaganza — is only a month away. Get ready to play with the kids, rock with the band, cheer for the Spartans and get reacquainted with old college friends. Read more about what's in store.

UNCG launches online Early College program

North Carolina's high school juniors and seniors can now get a no-cost jump start on college through UNCG's iSchool Virtual Early College. The N.C. Department of Public Instruction will pay for tuition and textbooks. Read more about the Online Early College Program.

Zero sum

The next time you come to campus, keep your eyes peeled for the newest and least polluting members of UNCG's motorpool, two electric Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) that are long on energy conservation and short on emissions. Read more about this latest attempt to promote sustainability on campus.

Alumni Association Announcements & Upcoming Events

Award-winning artist and illustrator Jerry Pinkney and his wife, author Gloria Pinkney, are coming to spend the day at UNCG. Read more about this event as well as the Bryan School Golf Tournament, Founders Day, events for young professionals and more.

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