Your goal is to get a degree, but you also want your time at UNC Greensboro to transform you. Our academic environment goes beyond relevant fields of study and challenging coursework. It’s about everything that we put into your learning experience and success. It’s the advising you receive and the mentorship from renowned faculty members who collaborate with you on research and community partnerships. It’s the staff members who support you in your learning at the University Libraries, the University Speaking Center, the Writing Center, and more. And it’s the way your classroom experience is extended into the lab and across the globe. We’ll help you create a successful and meaningful path to your goals so that you’re prepared for the challenges and opportunities that come your way.

Students studying and conversing at tables.

Tutoring & Academic Support Services

UNCG is tenaciously dedicated to student success and invests its resources in supporting student learning. That’s why we have a large number of tutoring and support initiatives for you to find your success here.

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Student and academic advisor.

Academic Advising

Few experiences in your academic career have as much potential for influencing your collegiate experience as academic advising. Much more than getting your selected courses, developing a professional relationship with your academic advisor will help you make informed choices and decisions about your education and career.

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Accessibility Resources & Services

UNCG believes that every student has the capability to be successful. The Office of Accessibility Resources and Services (OARS) provides, coordinates, and advocates for services which enables students with disabilities to receive equal access to a college education and to all aspects of university life. Academic growth, disability management and self-advocacy skills for students are supported and enhanced. 

Students outside of Petty Science Building.

Transfer & Adult Student Academic Success

As a new transfer or adult student, you may experience similar transition challenges that first-time-in-college and traditional-aged students experience. UNCG works to improve the transition support to our transfer and adult students through increased recognition of services, programs and resources.

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The Multiliteracy Centers

The Multiliteracy Centers, comprised of the University Writing Center (link: https://writingcenter.uncg.edu) and the University Speaking Center (link: https://speakingcenter.uncg.edu), support thousands of students, faculty, and staff in their awareness of how multiple literacies (written, oral, spatial, visual, gestural, and multi-modal) impact ways of learning, communicating, and composing. This is accomplished by providing communication support through one-on-one and group sessions that focus on dialogic feedback and through customized classroom workshops that address specific learning objectives.

Student holding three signs reading, “UNCG,” “#FirstGenStudent,” and “Trio Works.”


The Student Support Service TRIO program provides a range of support to first-generation college students from modest-income backgrounds or students who are registered with the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services to help them find and stay on their academic path. 

Two students in Jackson Library.

University Libraries

The University Libraries is the crossroads of knowledge at UNCG – at the center of teaching, learning, and research. We offer students, faculty, staff, and the community a wide range of resources, expertise, and technology, along with an unwavering commitment to keep pace with change. 

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Intensive English Support

UNCG partners with Interlink International Institutes to offer online and on-campus support for English language proficiency at affordable prices for students who need to complete the language requirement for full admission. Classes are offered for undergraduate and graduate students and at multiple levels. UNCG accepts INTERLINK’s certificate of completion as evidence of meeting the English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirement.

Student and staff member in the Forney Student Success Commons.

Academic Petitions & Appeals

One of your responsibilities as a UNCG student is to have a general awareness and understanding of the variety of academic policies and procedures available at the University so you can make an informed decision about utilizing the policies most beneficial to you and your academic success.

Students standing, sitting, and conversing with one another around the Minerva statue.

Minerva’s Academic Curriculum (MAC)

Minerva’s Academic Curriculum (MAC) provides students with foundations and alternative perspectives for the more specialized knowledge gained in their majors, while ensuring that learning in the major builds upon and extends the work done in General Education courses.

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