Academic Standing

When things do not go according to plan, there are a number of academic policies, procedures, and petitions available to students. These are intended to support a student’s academic success. Review the options below and reach out to your academic advisor for assistance.

Academic Suspension or Dismissal Appeal

When unexpected and extenuating circumstances prevent a student on Academic Probation from meeting minimum GPA requirements, they can request special permission to continue their enrollment via an Academic Suspension or Dismissal Appeal.

Return from Dismissal Appeal

Students who are prohibited from enrolling at UNCG after being placed on Academic Dismissal are ineligible to enroll at UNCG for one academic year. Upon completion of their dismissal period, a student can petition for permission to Return from Academic Dismissal.  

Academic Renewal Request

This academic petition allows qualifying UNCG students to request grade forgiveness for all previously completed courses in which they have earned a D+ or below. While all academic history will remain on the academic transcript, the final grades and hours earned will be expunged from a student’s cumulative GPA calculation and from their degree requirements.

Final Grade and Course Withdrawal Exceptions

Appeal to withdraw for extenuating circumstances

Students who encounter unexpected and extenuating circumstances may request permission to withdraw from a class (or classes) without a GPA penalty by submitting a Total or Selective Appeal to Withdraw for Extenuating Circumstances.

Grade Appeals

Students who wish to appeal an assigned final grade may submit a Final Grade Appeal requesting reconsideration. All grade appeals should first be directed to the course instructor, then (if applicable) the department head, the dean of the school or college, and the provost, in that order. 

Cancellation of Course(s) for Non-Attendance

Situations in which a student received a bill and/or a final grade for a class that they never attended can be submitted for consideration for a Cancellation for Non-Attendance to minimize the negative consequences of course enrollment on a student’s GPA, financial aid eligibility, or account balances.

Curriculum and Course Registration

General Education Petitions

Students can work with their academic advisor or advising center to request transfer credit or a UNCG course substitution for a specific General Education requirement by submitting the relevant petition for consideration to the University’s General Education Council.

Registration Exceptions

Students with extenuating circumstances can request special permission to add or drop courses outside of the schedule adjustment period by completing the online Registration Exception form through the University Registrar’s Office. 

Student and staff member in the Forney Student Success Commons.

Students First Office

The Students First Office serves as UNCG’s academic one-stop-shop and assists undergraduate students with concerns related to academic advising, academic recovery, appeals and petitions, and graduation planning. The office is the centralized center for the advisement of exploratory (undecided) majors and the coordination of all programs for students in academic recovery.

Exterior of the Forney Building on UNCG’s campus

Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies

The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies partners with academic units campus-wide to coordinate and provide leadership for curricular innovation, academic advising, and student success for all UNCG undergraduates. The Dean of Undergraduate Studies is also charged with oversight of the general education program, support for Exploratory Majors, and the administration of University academic policies governing undergraduate students.

Three students looking and smiling at their cellphones

Spartan Central

Spartan Central is the online hub for UNCG undergraduates to get information about tuition, financial aid, registration, graduation, and other processes related to the “business of being a student.”

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