Intellectual Wellness is about being creative and engaging through stimulating mental activities that expand your knowledge and skills. Intellectual Wellness helps you discover your personal gifts and how to share them with others. Learn how Intellectual Wellness connects with the other Dimensions of Wellness to bring balance into your life so that you can thrive, flourish and reach your goals.

goals for your intellectual wellness

  • Seek new challenges in pursuit of lifelong learning.
  • Learn to fail.
  • Feel confident in intellectual and academic pursuits by improving your skills in studying, listening, time management, stress management, note taking, and public speaking.
  • Explore a new hobby or activity.
  • Study Abroad and travel.
  • Take a class outside your major.
  • Learn another language.
  • Use resources to expand your knowledge and improve your skills.
  • Seek ways to be creative.
  • Stay informed about social, political, and other current issues.
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