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Posted on August 30, 2023

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On a diverse campus like UNC Greensboro, students can find experiences and opportunities that appeal to all personalities and hobbies. “Saying yes to a bunch of random stuff” is good advice for any college student no matter your seniority, but Spartans must also follow their interests and trust their guts when it comes to making the best use of their time before graduation. 

If you’re wondering how to find your fit at UNCG, consider the following Spartan personas and outlets that students before you have explored on their collegiate journeys. Not sure what “fit” is for you?  Try this (totally non-scientifically proven) campus personality quiz

The Creator 

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Creators color our spaces and appeal to our senses. Some have artistic abilities and others have an eye for beautiful things. UNCG’s College of Visual and Performing Arts is full of musicians, actors, artists and dancers, but other schools also teach creative studies like filmmaking, interior, or fashion design and arts education. Spartan creators – whether hobbyist or professional – can explore a range of artistic endeavors through campus outlets and fields of study like the new popular music and technology concentration in the School of Music. 

Campus Opportunities: 

Majors to Explore: 

“Animation Club workshops are about thinking and collaborating, and we also talk about things going on in the media, in the industry, related to animation. Even if animation is something you’ve never thought about, come see us. We welcome everybody.” 

– Jessica Cunningham, President of UNCG’s Animation Club

The Competitor 

Active and motivated, these Spartans push their bodies and minds to the limit. Challenges in academics, athletics and fitness drive them. Competitors love to learn about the human body, work with a team, and encourage others to their highest potential.  

Campus Opportunities:   

Majors to Explore: 

“I’m a student athlete, so being able to mix studies with athletics has been an amazing experience that helped me understand that I really want to work in sports broadcasting. At UNCG, I not only found a great media studies program and walked on to the track team, but I got broadcast experience at esports tournaments, which was never an opportunity I thought I’d have.” 

– Naomi Pridgen, UNCG Women’s Track and Field athlete and media studies major

The Scholar 

Minerva icon with a lab coat on and a book and a beaker in her hands.

They are curious and methodical. Delving into science helps these students understand the world around them better and studying history keeps them from repeating mistakes of the past. Love the smell of an old book? Does categorizing data relax you? Got questions for the professor’s questions? Join the ranks of scholars at UNCG.  

Campus Opportunities: 

Majors to Explore:   

“In the Skeptical Chemists Club, we set up fun experiments at community events that appealed to children, but our biggest contribution was the Undergraduate Shadow Nights we organized. To get students interested in research, we would have freshmen and sophomores shadow juniors and seniors who were working in the labs.” 

– Logan Brown, ’23, biochemistry graduate who now attends Harvard University for grad school

The Changemaker 

Minerva illustration with a scarf & buttons on holding justice scales.

Driven to make a difference, Spartan changemakers want to serve and educate. Some are passionate about equal rights or speaking for a marginalized group. Others want to influence policy to protect the environment. Communication is a strong suit of changemakers, and civic duty drives action.  

Campus Opportunities: 

Majors to Explore: 

“Through SGA I developed leadership skills, networked with campus leaders and learned how to create plans for initiatives and carry them out. This summer I worked in Congresswoman Manning’s office and was able to utilize those skills in my position as an immigration caseworker.  I hope that all this experience will lead to a career as an immigration lawyer.” 

– Awa Mbai, political science major and current SGA Vice President 

The Explorer 

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Unique and open-minded, the Spartan explorer can’t be contained by a list of personas. Learning a new language could be the first step toward a study abroad opportunity. They strive to make new connections and are likely to try out a major through an interest-based club before committing to a class. Always a step ahead, brand new clubs are often started by Spartan explorers. The world is their oyster! 

Campus Opportunities: 

Majors to Explore: 

“It reminds me of a novel or a movie. I’m running off to Paris for six weeks this summer to do something that I really enjoy doing. Coming to UNCG has allowed me to pursue passions I didn’t even know I had.” 

– Allison Hughes, biology major on her summer research internship at the French National Museum of Natural History

Story by Becky Deakins, University Communications. 
Campus Personality quiz and personas developed by Enrollment Communications. 
Photography by Sean Norona unless otherwise noted. 

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